Dr. Chatterjee's Village welfare Socity

(A Govt. Regd. & Approve Important N.G.O.)
Regd. No. S/70348/92-93 Act 1961 (W.B.Govt.)

Address Komarpur Hattala, P.O.-Nirol, Ketugram-I no. Block, Katwa Subdivision, District-Burdwan, W.B., PIN-713140,
Ph. No.-(03453)273241, e-mail Id : drchatterjeesvws@gmail.com
Location Ketugram P.S. area Burdwan, but it is a place of four Districts jn. area nearest of Murshidabad, Birbhum, Nadia District.
Contact Executive Person Bharat Jyoti Dr. Tapas Chatterjee
Mobile No.-09800340520
Yearly Expenditure 2007-08 : Rs.20,70,667.50      Asset - Rs.43,46,472.25
2008-09 : Rs.1,02,37,853.70   Asset - Rs.1,10,04,035.19
2009-10 : Rs.53,46,291.50      Asset - Rs.1,10,16,448.51
1.  Free of Cost Microsurgery Eye Operation
Cataract, Glaucoma, Pterygium in our Own air condition O.T. at Komorpur Hattala. Every year over 2 thousand cataract microsurgery must be operated for this Blindness activities. It is full free of cost, so please donate us for this best activities and get of exemption u/s 80G of this I.T. act 1961 & 12 A.A certificate.
2.  Daily out door treatment
Chronic and acute also psychotic and G.I., U.T.I. respiratory disease treatment centre (7 am to 6 pm) at our center Komorpur Hattala bus stoppage ( katwa – suri road).
We want to drive an idel pathology, USG, X-Ray centre for the facility of poor patient in this dark village area. This area has majority persons are Muslim community. So it is urgent necessary if Honorable donor give us some donation for this purpose than we be gladly and honestly implement lone for free service of needy patients. And for that Honorable Govt. of India, commissioner of income tax grant our 80 G certificate. Please donate of these great activities.
3.  Ambulance Service
We have two nos. of Ambulance for the needy patient transporting service, which grant by DFID and W.B. Govt. for Health & Family Welfare improvement and in this work we the partnership N.G.O. of W.B. Govt.
4.  Water Testing Lab
Govt. of India, West Bengal Govt. and UNICEF grant for setup the water testing laboratory by our N.G.O. management which implements Arsenic, Iron, P.H, Hardness test and Bacteria germ identification under 30 Gram Panchayat area of Ketugram-I, Ketugram-II and Mongolkote Block area.
Such other private house holder water test done here. Please come and kindly be test your tube well or other sources drinking water.
5.  Implementation C.R.S. Project
We set up a Sanitary Mart by help and grant of the UNICEF for Central Rural Sanitation project Govt. of India gives the Nirmal Gram Panchayat Purosker in six Gram Panchayat of Ketugram-I no. Block under our work area. Award from Zilla Prishad Bardhaman to low cost house hold latrine construction work. Specially set up of latrine construction at S.S.K, M.S.K., Primary, High School and Madrasha. But unfortunately still now those are no latrine about two thousand house holders at Ketugram P.S. area. Please you come and join for the awareness work as a social worker.
6.  Construction Management
Labour and Masson contact and information. Please be connect for your need.
7.  Awareness Programme
Our founder Dr. Chatterjee an excellent writer of various Pot Song. We have an implemented agency which can State wise Drama and Pot Song awareness by street & market show, please contact for hire our team. We have many dhak, dhole, sanai, tasa pati and singer team for any awareness and publicity work. Under song we published :
Early marriage control.
Women eloping restrainment.
Village sanitation improvement.
Population control.
Human total development programme.
Slaughtering System.
Please join our publicity team; always welcome to you for any social work activities of singer, Dancer, Actor in any role as an ideal social worker.
8.  Handicrafts Attraction Activities
Jute handicraft work, umbrella maker, handloom cloth handicraft as discernible noksa & disigning work. Soil and cement doll and order supply any statue. Please give the lot of order of any each fine handy works order of our N.G.O. artisan & handicrafts women. Please contact to our phone and website.

Source : Dr. Tapas Chatterjee

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